Remember Me? How to Follow up after sending a CV

Sending out your CV … and then? The job search is a job in itself and as such commands a disciplined organisation. You do not send CV’s as bottles in the sea, monitoring and reminders are part of the job. The follow up The ideal is to synthesize your job applications on an Excel spreadsheet, … Read more

Make your CV : helpful writing tips

As long as you know the rules – unwritten – the exercise of writing a CV is not a complicated task. By definition, your CV is a comprehensive document that details your training steps, your professional skills and your career. In practice, this is your passport to get an interview and then seek a job. … Read more


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Writing an effective resume is the first step to success in your job search. Without any advice or rules, it is a difficult exercise.

The cover letter, that accompanies your resume, should tempt your potential employer to meet you and its contents should generate interest.

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Writing a successful internship report – part 1

A rite of passage for the majority of students, the internship also enables the happiness to create its first publications. The internship report must relate the professional experience gained during the business internship or in a public administration. This exercise, important in each curriculum and often noted, is personal work which must reveal the passage … Read more

Writing a successful internship report – part 2

This is the second of a two part series. Read part 1 here. The thanks This part allows you to send your thanks to the people who have contributed to the success of your mission. Cited will be generally be the master of internship, the staff of the company as well as the tutor of … Read more

Writing your CV when you don’t have a diploma

To succeed in your professional life without a diploma is possible. See Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and even Steve Jobs, they revolutionized our times and yet, they did not finish their studies. To draw up your CV, it is important to carry out the summary which will recount education, ongoing training, professional and extra-professional experiences, … Read more

Managing and explaining gaps in one’s CV

If life was a long quiet river, the problematic of the gaps in the CV would have a minor importance. Whether it is unemployment, parental leave, sabbatical or sickness, business creation project, expatriation and even working from home, all these periods that can stake out your professional career are singular. To secure your applications, the … Read more

Mini-cv : brief summary of the CV

With the “calling card” format, you can also decline your CV in a more minimalist form: the mini-cv. Advocated for direct meetings with potential employers, such as during a job fair or when prospecting directly, the mini-CV is an additional tool for your job search. Having, with you, at all times a dozen of small … Read more

Sample of a beginner’s CV

You are looking for an internship, some training or a first job, here are our tips for preparing your CV. Essential elements of a CV for beginner For a beginner’s CV, on the structure side of it, the first section is to highlight your training. Then come the skills and experience if such exists, of … Read more