Make your CV : helpful writing tips

As long as you know the rules – unwritten – the exercise of writing a CV is not a complicated task. By definition, your CV is a comprehensive document that details your training steps, your professional skills and your career. In practice, this is your passport to get an interview and then seek a job. … Read more


Welcome to the blog of the giga-cv app.

Writing an effective resume is the first step to success in your job search. Without any advice or rules, it is a difficult exercise.

The cover letter, that accompanies your resume, should tempt your potential employer to meet you and its contents should generate interest.

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Frequently asked questions about giga-cv App

My personal information does not appear on my CV ! Go to “modify CV “ and select, for your personal information, what appears in the 6 available lines. Can we manage other personal information ? Yes, of course, add an area in [Setup menu. – More information] and then enable it. This area will appear … Read more

Sample of a beginner’s CV

You are looking for an internship, some training or a first job, here are our tips for preparing your CV. Essential elements of a CV for beginner For a beginner’s CV, on the structure side of it, the first section is to highlight your training. Then come the skills and experience if such exists, of … Read more