Make your CV : helpful writing tips

As long as you know the rules – unwritten – the exercise of writing a CV is not a complicated task. By definition, your CV is a comprehensive document that details your training steps, your professional skills and your career. In practice, this is your passport to get an interview and then seek a job. … Read more


Welcome to the blog of the giga-cv app.

Writing an effective resume is the first step to success in your job search. Without any advice or rules, it is a difficult exercise.

The cover letter, that accompanies your resume, should tempt your potential employer to meet you and its contents should generate interest.

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Frequently asked questions about giga-cv App

My personal information does not appear on my CV ! Go to “modify CV “ and select, for your personal information, what appears in the 6 available lines. Can we manage other personal information ? Yes, of course, add an area in [Setup menu. – More information] and then enable it. This area will appear … Read more

Sending your application by e-mail

Sending your application by e-mail has become common, given the flexibility offered by electronic mail. Some practical facts should be taken into consideration in order to avoid annoying problems. The CV file Unless otherwise specified by the recruiting agency or the recruiting company, your CV must be as a PDF format file, attached to e-mail … Read more

How to make your Resume/CV with your iPhone, iPad, macBook or Android device

To easily write your Applications including your CV and a cover letter, there is an app that will save you time. After entering the relevant information in the provided fields, the giga-cv app automatically generates a clear CV in the PDF format, well presented and consistent with conventional requirements. With a simple and intuitive interface, … Read more

Create your Resume on your Chromebook Laptop

Tired of laying out your Resume? Save time with a really useful resume builder app and impress recruiters with a beautiful and effective resume. Populate fields about your personal informations, formation, skills and experience. Then select a template.  The giga-cv app does the rest: the layout is automatic. But you keep control: photo or not, … Read more

Mini-cv : brief summary of the CV

With the “calling card” format, you can also decline your CV in a more minimalist form: the mini-cv. Advocated for direct meetings with potential employers, such as during a job fair or when prospecting directly, the mini-CV is an additional tool for your job search. Having, with you, at all times a dozen of small … Read more